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Dental Implants vs Dentures in Phoenix, AZ
Single Missing Tooth in Phoenix, AZAre you looking for your ideal tooth replacement option in Arcadia, AZ? Adult missing teeth can be restored with implants that look and feel just like natural teeth, but many patients wonder what benefits dental implant procedures have over traditional tooth replacement options such as dentures or bridges. Dr. Ronald Watkins at AZ Implant Solutions can share more benefits of the dental implant in Arcadia, AZ. Here are some basic facts about dental implant procedures vs. dentures:

Dental Implants

  • Made of compatible material: Implants are made with titanium, which is naturally compatible with the body and easily fuses to the jaw bone.

  • Stability: Implants are designed to mimic the root of a tooth within the jaw bone, and this ensures a more natural and secure fit that mimics natural tooth function.

  • Flexibility: We can replace one, a few, or several missing teeth in different quadrants of the mouth with implants. Dental implant procedures are tailored to a patient’s needs, and this provides more flexibility than other tooth replacement procedures.

  • Long-term success rate: With proper oral care, implants typically do not need to be replaced. Good oral hygiene will increase the longevity of your implants.

  • Jaw bone preservation: Since implants can stimulate the jaw bone like natural teeth, the jaw bone will not deteriorate over time.


  • Made with non-compatible materials: Dentures are made with acrylic, cast metal, and flexible plastic, and these materials can cause gum irritation.

  • Instability: Dentures can move around and if improperly fitted, will make clicking noises when eating or speaking. Many denture wearers experience impaired chewing abilities, and this can cause diet and nutrition problems.

  • Several teeth or full mouth tooth replacement: Dentures are only a viable solution for restoring a few missing teeth or a full mouth of missing teeth.

  • Replacement costs: Dentures often need to be refitted or replaced when the gums and jaw bone start to deteriorate.

  • Cause bone loss: Since dentures only rest on the gums, the jaw bone starts to deteriorate without the stimulation natural teeth or implants provide.

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