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Guided Tissue Regeneration in Phoenix, AZ

If you have suffered the effects of periodontal disease, you may have lost a significant amount of bone around the teeth, which can increase the chances of tooth loss over time. Once the tooth is lost, the jaw bone that supported it will start to deteriorate. Guided tissue bone regeneration is a procedure designed to help the body regenerate lost bone. Dr. Ronald Watkins at AZ Implant Solutions can perform this procedure to repair any damage caused by periodontal disease, and increase the chances of keeping your natural teeth.

Bone Loss Treatment with Guided Tissue Regeneration

Unlike a bone graft, guided tissue regeneration does not necessarily require removing bone from another part of the body. Dr. Watkins may use membrane barriers, tissue stimulating proteins, or bioactive growth factor gels as catalysts for bone regeneration. Occasionally, a bone graft from your own bone, a tissue bank, or synthetic materials may be required. The ultimate goal of these treatments is to stimulate new bone growth in the area that has had some bone loss, or to hold the space for bone to regenerate into.

Benefits of Bone Loss Restoration

The bone and gums are meant to fit together very tightly without any gaps. If you have or have had periodontal disease, the supporting tissue and bone is completely destroyed. This is why deep pockets around the tooth start to develop. Eventually, excessive bone loss will require the tooth to be extracted, and soon the jaw bone that supported that tooth will start to deteriorate. Guided tissue bone regeneration is designed to repair some of the damage caused by gum disease. Top benefits include:

• Reverses some of the effects of periodontal disease
• Can be performed without a bone graft
• Stimulates bone regeneration naturally
• Increases the chances of keeping natural teeth
• Decreases the risks of serious health problems associated with periodontal disease

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