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Gum Grafting in Phoenix, AZ

Gum Grafting in Phoenix, AZReceding gums may be taking their toll on your self-esteem and self-confidence, but there are some effective treatment options available. Dr. Ronald Watkins at AZ Implant Solutions often recommends a gum graft procedure to restore the lost tissue that is exposing too much of your teeth. Gum recession is one of the most noticeable results of periodontal disease, and symptoms may include root sensitivity, inflammation of the tissues, cavities, and self-consciousness when smiling. Restoring receding gums with a gum graft procedure not only improves your smile but can also improve your overall oral health.

Cosmetic Benefits of Treating Receding Gums

Whether you are embarrassed to smile because you feel like your teeth are too large, or you are self-conscious about your smile because of the effects of gum disease, a gum grafting procedure can restore gum tissue to create the beautiful smile you once had. The gum graft procedure will reduce the amount of tooth that shows while you smile, and also increase the overall health of your teeth and gums by ensuring there is enough gum tissue around the teeth to act as a barrier to bacteria. Having healthy gums will reduce your risk of gum disease, bone and gum deterioration, and tooth loss.

Types of Gum Graft Procedures

Connective Tissue Graft Before
Connective Tissue Graft After 
AlloDerm Graft Before
AlloDerm Graft After 
If Dr. Watkins recommends a gum graft we offer two different techniques. 

Connective-Tissue Grafts - The most common form of gum grafts used to treat root exposure around one or more teeth. In this procedure, Dr. Watkins uses gum tissue from a donor site on the roof or soft palate of your mouth. While this prospect does not sound inviting please know that Dr. Watkins and his team take extra care to minimize your discomfort. We custom make a stent that fits over your palate to protect the donor site while it heals. This extra step allows you to eat with comfort during the healing process. 

AlloDerm® Regenerative Tissue Matrix
- Another option is AlloDerm. AlloDerm is "synthetic skin". It is used in a variety of medical procedures. Instead of getting the tissue from the palate, we can place the AlloDerm in the graft area. 

Using AlloDerm® is like using a patient’s own tissue except that it spares the patient a second surgical site where the tissue would have been taken. Dr. Watkins will discuss with you which treatment option is preferred for your unique situation and oral health needs. We are proud to have exceptional results with both Connective Tissue Grafting and AlloDerm grafting! 

Both of these techniques can be used for single tooth or multiple areas of the mouth.

Want to learn more about receding gums and gum graft procedure options? Call AZ Implant Solutions for your consultation today!

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