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How Aggressive Flossing Could Lead To Gum Damage

Posted on 7/26/2021 by Ronald Watkins
How Aggressive Flossing Could Lead To Gum DamageFlossing is very important for your oral health. By flossing, you remove food debris and plaque that sticks between the teeth where brushing cannot reach. It is established that flossing is ideal in keeping the gum tissue healthy, preventing gingivitis, and gum disease. However, if you are flossing too aggressively, you may be causing damage to your gums. Aggressive and vigorous flossing will damage your gum tissues, tooth enamel, and your overall oral health.

Flossing Too Roughly

Some people tend to floss too enthusiastically and vigorously, damaging both the gum tissue and tooth enamel. If you floss too aggressively, the floss string might tear through the gum tissues, increasing the chances of infections. With open wounds on your gums, you could suffer from oral health conditions like gum disease. Vigorous flossing will also wear away your tooth enamel.

Flossing Too Many Times

Flossing too many times in a day can damage your gums. This is because it makes your gum tissues recede. As they recede, the roots of your teeth might be exposed, causing sensitivity and discomfort. Experts recommend that you floss your teeth only once a day. It is also a good idea to floss very gently and avoid harmful effects.

Gum Recession When Flossing

Vigorous flossing will also lead to gum recession. This mostly happens when you pull too hard on the floss. As a result, the floss gets into violent and rough contact with the gum tissue, pushing it beneath the gum line. This often results in gum recession, bleeding, and, in some cases, gum disease. Furthermore, flossing too hard will open up spaces on your gums, increasing the risk of oral conditions like gum disease. You also risk developing tooth decay, a condition that is caused by harmful bacteria. Visit our offices for more information on the dangers of flossing your teeth aggressively.
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