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Multiple Teeth Implants
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Missing teeth, even just a couple, is a big deal. Simple tasks like eating and speaking become difficult. Your smile, and possibly your confidence, is impacted. Moreover, missing teeth lead to loss of bone mass in your jaw, which weakens your jaw and can cause issues for your healthy teeth. At Implant and Periodontal Wellness Center of Arizona, we want to provide you with the best options and services for replacing your missing teeth. One way in which we do this is through the use of multiple teeth implants.

Traditional Replacement Options

Traditionally, when you were missing multiple teeth in the same area, you had two options for replacement, and these options are still available today. The first option is a bridge. This dental appliance anchors onto adjacent healthy teeth with crowns, while the false teeth sit in the gap left behind by your missing teeth. They are frequently made out of ceramic, which imitates the color and sheen of natural teeth and replaces anywhere from one to three missing teeth.

The second option is a partial denture. A removable prosthetic device is affixed to a gum-colored base. Your gums support the prosthetic, with some help of metal clasps on adjacent healthy teeth. Partial dentures often replace larger numbers (more than three) missing teeth.

Why Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the latest, most advanced, tooth replacement option available today. Small titanium rods are surgically placed into your jawbone. As you heal, the rods and your jawbone fuse together, transforming the titanium rod into a strong, stable support for ceramic crowns.

Implants offer numerous benefits over traditional replacement options. First, unlike dentures, they are permanent. They do not need to be removed to be cleaned. Unlike bridges, your adjacent healthy teeth do not need to be trimmed down to make room for false teeth. In fact, your healthy teeth remain untouched altogether.

The biggest advantage that implants have to offer over bridges and partial dentures is that the rods imitate the roots of your natural teeth, which preserves the strength of your jawbone by preventing bone loss.

Multiple Teeth Implants

Multiple teeth implants are designed to replace several teeth in the same area. There are a couple of different ways in which we can go about replacing multiple teeth.

The first way is through using individual crowns. For this method, one implant is placed for each missing tooth. An abutment is placed over each implant, and individual crowns are affixed to them.

The second method involves the use of an implant supported bridge. With this method, your bridge could be supported by as little as one implant, although it is quite often the case that two or more are required. The exact number is determined during your consultation.

How Are Implants Placed?

After being determined to be a candidate for dental implants, we move ahead with the procedure. Before getting started, we administer a local anesthetic, and a sedative if necessary. We then make incisions in your gums and drill into your jawbone. The implants are placed into the holes, and your gums stitched closed around them.

As you heal, your bone and the implants fuse together. During this process, you will return to the office for several visits so that we can monitor your progression. You are also supplied with temporary teeth, restoring the function of your mouth until your permanent teeth are placed. After you have healed, abutments are placed on the implants and impressions taken to create your custom teeth. Once ready, your permanent teeth are placed, giving you back a healthy, beautiful, functional smile.

If you are missing teeth, and are interested in dental implants, call the experts at Implant and Periodontal Wellness Center of Arizona today.
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At Implant and Periodontal Wellness Center of Arizona, we want to provide you with the best options for replacing your missing teeth. One way in which we do this is through the use of multiple teeth implants.
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