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Periodontal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
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Periodontal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery refers to those surgical procedures that reconstruct or alter the gum tissue and/or bone to create or enhance a pleasing smile, make the teeth more secure, and create bone to make implants possible. Periodontal plastic surgery is part of the intense training of a periodontist during their three-year residency. They are literally the plastic surgeons of the mouth. The procedures performed at Implant and Periodontal Wellness Center of Arizona are:

•  Esthetic Crown Lengthening
•  Lip Repositioning
•  Gum Grafting
•  Gingival Repair
•  Papilla Reconstruction
•  Frenectomy
•  Sinus Lift
•  Reconstruction of Lost Bony Ridges
•  Osseous Surgery
•  Surgically Facilitated Orthodontic Treatment

The Gummy Smile

after picture of peridontal plastic surgeryWhen you think about the perfect smile, you probably have images of perfectly straight, bright white teeth. Moreover, while this is a component of a beautiful smile, it is only part of it. Your gums can affect the appearance of your smile. Excess gum tissue can make your teeth look small and detract from your smile's beauty. It can be an embarrassment and make one self-conscious about their smile with a loss of self-confidence.

This excessive display of gum tissue is considered undesirable as there is more gum showing than teeth. This is referred to as a “Gummy Smile” or a “High Lip Line.” This disproportionate exposure of gum during smiling is present in about 10.5% - 28% of the population. It can result from an under/over developed jaw or high lip position.

Gummy smile correction through Esthetic Crown Lengthening

Minor cases can be treated with a procedure called Esthetic Crown Lengthening that involves just the removal of excessive gum tissue that is covering up the natural tooth. At times this may also require the recontouring of bone on the outside of the tooth so the gum can be repositioned to expose all of the natural tooth. This procedure restores the tooth length balance to the gum showing ratio and makes the smile look natural. You will be able to smile confidently and others can't help but take notice.

Render graphic of Gummy smile correction through Esthetic Crown Lengthening before
Render graphic of Gummy smile correction through Esthetic Crown Lengthening after

Gummy smile correction through Esthetic Crown Lengthening before
Gummy smile correction through Esthetic Crown Lengthening after

Gummy smile correction through Lip Repositioning

This procedure is used when the crown lengthening surgery will only partially or is unable restore the smile. At times both crown lengthening in combination with lip repositioning is required. Lip repositioning surgery offers patients the chance for a proportionate, beautiful smile. It is needed to treat the more advanced cases where there is just too much gum showing during smiling. This is usually the result of a having a large bony ridge covered with gum and a hyper-mobile lip where the muscles of the lip retract the lip too high. A common feature is a narrow or lifted lip during a smile.

The lip repositioning procedure is a surgical technique designed to restrict high movement of the upper lip. We will perform the lip repositioning procedure using a local anesthetic or IV sedation. A single procedure is usually all that is required. A notable outcome is a full lip exposure.

Lip repositioning surgery offers patients the chance for a proportionate, beautiful smile. The surgery brings a harmonious balance to the teeth, lips, and gums; restoring confidence in the appearance once again.

LipSta T - Lip Stabilization Technique.

Gummy smile correction through Lip Repositioning before
Gummy smile correction through Lip Repositioning after

Benefits of Lip Repositioning:
•  Immediately improves the appearance of a 'gummy smile'
•  Creates a proportionate amount of gum, teeth, and upper lip
•  Gives the top lip a fuller, more aesthetically pleasing look
•  Requires only local anesthesia
•  Fast recovery with little downtime
•  Does not result in external scarring
•  Quickly restores confidence and self-esteem

Who will make a good candidate for the lip repositioning procedure?

Anyone unhappy with an excessive 'gummy smile' may make a wonderful candidate for the lip repositioning procedure. Those patients considering surgery should be in overall good health, and understand the benefits/limitations of the lip repositioning procedure.

There are several causes of a disproportionate gumline, including an abnormal eruption of the teeth, hyperactive lip muscles, and a large or unusually shaped jawbone. At the lip repositioning consultation, we will perform a physical examination to determine if this procedure will be right for an individual's aesthetic needs.

Gingival (Gum) Grafts

Gingival grafts are used to treat gum recession, protect the underlying bone and restore the needed amount of gum tissue for the long-term health of teeth and implants. Read more about gum grafting.

Gingival Repair

Periodontal plastic surgical procedures properly utilized are able to repair unsightly gum tissue abnormalities that affect the smile.

Gingival Repair before
Gingival Repair after

Gingival Repair before
Gingival Repair after

Papilla Reconstruction

The loss of the papilla, the tissue between the teeth, can make an altered smile display. This tissue defect can often times be repaired with various periodontal plastic surgical techniques. Make an appointment for an evaluation if this is the situation of your upper front teeth.

Papilla Reconstruction before
Papilla Reconstruction after


The maxillary frenum is that vein of tissue connecting the lip to the gum usually between the front teeth. If it is excessively large or positioned too close to the gum line, it can result in a non-cosmetic smile. Due to its strength it can inhibit the lip from lifting during a normal or spontaneous smile and it can cause the front teeth to separate resulting in an open gap. The removal of this tissue is called a frenectomy. It is important to perform this procedure properly to insure proper color and appearance.

Crown Lengthening – Functional

Crown lengthening is used to save teeth that would otherwise have been removed when extensive tooth decay or a tooth fracture is at the level of bone. These types of situations make the tooth unrestorable unless a crown lengthening surgery is performed. This involves lifting the gum and removing a sufficient amount of bone to expose the decay or tooth fracture. The gum is then repositioned to the new bone level thus exposing the defect so it can be restored.

Sinus Lift

With age the maxillary sinus pneumatizes which means it expands. It does this at the expense of the underlying bone. This leaves an insufficient amount of bone needed to place dental implants. This bone deficiency is remedied by a Sinus Lift Surgery. The special membrane that lines the sinus is gently lifted and the space created is filled in with a bone graft. The resultant healing provides more than sufficient amount of bone for implants to be placed.

Sinus Lift before
Sinus Lift after

Bony Ridge Reconstruction

This procedure is performed to increase height and/or width for implant placement under IV sedation.

Bony Ridge Reconstruction before
Bony Ridge Reconstruction after

Osseous Surgery

This periodontal plastic surgical procedure is for periodontal bony pocket elimination for the treatment of periodontal disease. It is very effective at total pocket elimination. The gum is lifted and the bone defects from the destructive disease are smoothed and the normal bone physiologic bony architecture is created. The gum line is then fitted to the new bone position.

Surgically Facilitated Orthodontic Treatment

Surgically Facilitated Orthodontic Treatment is referred to as SFOT. It is also referred to as Wilckodontics, PAOO, PAOT, and others. This periodontal plastic surgical procedure at the Implant and Periodontal Center of Arizona allows the teeth to move at a more rapid rate. As a result, orthodontic cases can be completed in as little as 6-8 months. It also lessens the need for any teeth to be removed. The is a great procedure for adults having their teeth straightened. Learn more about the many other advantages this procedure provides.

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