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Perioscopy Vs Laser
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Gum disease is a serious condition. In the early stages, gingivitis, it can be easily reversed. However, the early stages of gum disease often go undetected, as the symptoms often get mistaken for brushing too hard. Gum disease is a progressive disease. As it progresses, it only gets worse. Bacteria travel deep under your gums, causing gum recession and damage to your teeth as well as your jawbone. Eventually, your teeth can become loose and fall out. Surgery used to be the answer to advanced gum disease. New technology has paved the way for less invasive treatments. At Implant and Periodontal Wellness Center of Arizona, we can help you to understand all of your options.

What Is a Periscope?

A periscope is one of dental technology’s latest advancements. This tool is specially designed to fit below your gums without the need for invasive surgical procedures. It is equipped with a light and a tiny camera, which is connected to a monitor, which allows us to see exactly what is happening below your gumline. We can even zoom in on specific areas to see the tiniest details that could otherwise be missed with other tools.

Laser Periodontal Therapy

Using a laser has become a popular alternative to surgery that would otherwise call for incisions in the gums. Instead of a scalpel, a laser is used to remove infected tissue, which helps to provide access to the roots of your teeth. After the infected tissue is removed, then scaling and root planing (deep cleaning) can begin. While a laser helps to minimize the bleeding and discomfort associated with traditional gum surgery, it does not actually treat the gum disease. It can disinfect targeted areas of the mouth, but it cannot remove the tartar that harbors harmful bacteria.

How Is Perioscopy Done?

Perioscopy allows us to treat your gum disease without the need for surgery. Before starting, we will give you a local anesthetic, which will help to minimize your discomfort. We then place the periscope under your gums and can maneuver it around to get a good look at the condition of your teeth. The periscope can also remove tartar and bacteria on the roots of your teeth. We flush your gums and use microsurgical tools to remove hardened tartar buildup. With up to 40x magnification, the periscope allows us to provide you with a more thorough removal. Because bacteria cannot adhere to smooth surfaces, your gums can begin to heal. Free from irritation, they can tighten and reattach to your teeth.

Benefits of Perioscopy

Perioscopy offers numerous benefits:
•  Minimally invasive and nonsurgical.
•  Less tissue trauma.
•  Less discomfort.
•  We can easily locate areas of buildup and effectively remove them. The camera ensures that we get every area for a thorough cleaning.

At Implant and Periodontal Wellness Center of Arizona, we strive to provide you with the best treatment options for treating your gum disease. With the help of a periscope, we can effectively clean your teeth and rid them of gum disease, allowing your jaw, supporting structures, and gums to heal, all without the need for surgery. Call today to learn more!
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At Implant and Periodontal Wellness Center of Arizona, we can help you to understand all of your options for treating advanced gum disease. Read to learn more about Perioscopy vs. Laser, then call us at (480) 504-0506.
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