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Platelet Derived Growth Factor
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We can help you rebuild bone, through a bone graft procedure, using GEM 21S®, before your dental restoration. At Implant and Periodontal Wellness Center of Arizona, our team, along with Ronald Watkins, DDS, MS, work to solve the problem for the long term, and in some cases that means first building up the bone so that it will be strong and sturdy to support the restoration. We can help you create a treatment plan following an examination, digital x-rays, and a diagnosis. In some cases, your treatment plan may require the growth of bone through GEM 21S®.

GEM 21S® is an effective product that is used extensively in patients requiring dental bone grafting, it has been approved for the treatment of osseous, or bone, defects that have resulted from trauma or tooth extraction. GEM 21S® helps us grow bone in patients who suffer from a variety of dental health issues, including in patients who are in poor physical health, and suffer from medical disorders that complicate their ability to heal, such as diabetes.

Following the loss of teeth, there is an immediate physical result of bone atrophy. This is due to bone requiring exercise to stay healthy. When discussing the bone of your jaw, exercise is received through the motion of chewing and speaking that is passed from your teeth to your tooth root and then to your jaw. When either the tooth or root is missing, the jaw is no longer being exercised, and no longer getting the motion it needs to stay healthy. To restore the robustness of your bone, before the placement of a dental implant, we need to perform a bone graft. At Implant and Periodontal Wellness Center of Arizona, we can restore your bone with GEM 21S®.

What Is GEM 21S®?

GEM 21S® is not donated bone material, but is a fully synthetic bone regeneration product that has been developed for the treatment of dental trauma and defects, including the treatment of gingival recession. GEM 21S® is comprised of tissue growth factor, known as Platelet Derived Growth Factor, that has been mixed with a synthetic bone matrix, known as Beta-tricalcium phosphate. These terms may be beyond the general public understanding, but the important factors to know is that we can help you grow bone, and stimulate tissue repair, with the very simple placement of this synthetic material.

Placing bone graft material is a simple in-office procedure. To place GEM 21S®, Ronald Watkins, DDS, MS first numbs the patient to ensure that they feel no discomfort. Once the patient is fully numbed, the tissue is opened to expose the bone underneath. Ronald Watkins, DDS, MS then places the GEM 21S® product in the bone covering it with a protective covering and Platelet Rich Plasma, this will help ensure optimal healing and growth. The area is then sutured closed. In total, a bone graft procedure will take less than one hour, and the patient will feel very minimal discomfort while healing. Most patients require little more than an over-the-counter pain relief medication for the first day or two. Consult with Ronald Watkins, DDS, MS about any medical concern or information that our staff should know. We are happy to advise you based on your specific needs.

GEM 21S® is used to assist in growing bone for a number or dental treatments, this may include:
•  Periodontal Regeneration
•  Furcation Periodontal Loss due to Gum Disease
•  Bone Loss due to Extraction
•  Bone Loss due to Jaw Bone Atrophy
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At Implant and Periodontal Wellness Center of Arizona, our team, along with Ronald Watkins, can help you rebuild bone, through a bone graft procedure, using GEM 21S.
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