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SimPlant® Implant Placement Software
Phoenix, AZ

Dr. Watkins believes in placing dental implants in a way which is gentle, minimally invasive and done correctly the first time. In order to meet these high personal standards, Dr. Watkins utilizes dental implant placement software called SimPlant® to identify the best location to place single or multiple dental implants.
SimPlant® imageSimPlant® imageSimPlant® imageSimPlant® imageSimPlant® image
SimPlant allows our office to take a 3D scan of the jaw bone, arteries, veins, nerves, and the maxillary sinus. We then use these 3D scans to identify the best position to place a dental implant. Traditional digital x-rays are able to show only a limited amount of information. This limited information does not allow us to plan a specific treatment course designed for optimal long-term success.

The Benefits of SimPlant®

SimPlant has many benefits, including:
•  Improved visualization of your unique mouth and jaw structure
•  Increased accuracy of implant placement
•  Ability to create a treatment plan designed for long-term success
•  Eliminates surprises during the implant placement procedure
•  Increased rate of success for dental implants
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